Infinity Collection Fira – Discover and Get 15% off

Every once in a while something special happens in Santorini. This time it’s the Grand Opening of the brand new hotel Infinity Collection based in the heart of the island Thira. If you’re visiting Santorini this upcoming season and if you’re lucky enough to secure a booking there – I would definitely take the opportunity … More Infinity Collection Fira – Discover and Get 15% off

The Beaches

Review from Guest Writer Elly Dru  Santorini is an island rich in beaches, each one is unique and inimitable. The beautiful views, crystal blue water, the sound of waves and the endless sea merging with the sky will make you feel blessed. Remarkable are red, white and black beaches located in a close proximity to … More The Beaches

Exploring the Island

Santorini has a lot of hidden walks and hiking trails to explore. The other day we met with 3 lovely Argentinian girls traveling around the island. Nati, Camila and Debi joined Gabi, Dimitri, Dickie the Dog and I and we set off on an unplanned adventure. We started in the direction of Megalochori and found … More Exploring the Island

Sunset on the Caldera

It’s really nice, especially in the quieter season to take a walk to the Caldera to watch the sunset. It’s so quiet, peaceful and has an air of transcendence.  “Stillness speaks”. Eckhardt Tolle  Today my friends and I did just that, the photos speak for themselves. I highly recommend this walk next time you visit Santorini. More sunsets … More Sunset on the Caldera