Santorini Girl is all about getting inspired through travel, adventure and living it up!

Santorini Girl is the place to;

  • Find out about cool secret places in Santorini – nature walks, beach bars…
  • Read reviews of Restaurants and Hotels
  • Find out about Santorini’s Nightlife
  • Get Exclusive Offers and Discounts
  • Watch Informative and Funny Videos & Clips
  • Read inspiring stories of Belinda’s Lifestyle
  • Look at pretty pictures

At SG we aim to break down the mould of what a ‘prescribed life’ looks like. You know school, college, marriage, babies? I’f you’re sitting at your job right now thinking ‘there must be more than this’… well there is, and it’s easier to experience more out of life than you think. We aim to empower women to feel wild and free, regardless of the expectations society sets on them, and to have the courage to travel and visit anywhere their hearts lead them to.

SG’s founder, Belinda Johnstone found herself in this exact predicament back in 2012. She already had a pretty rad job as a flight attendant, but still wanted to experience more out of life.  She thought she could either stay in this job until she’s 30 and secure a senior position or she could take the leap of faith and start following her heart. Belinda knew she was destined for more than serving chicken or beef. With that she picked up and left Australia bound for Los Angeles. It wouldn’t be until 5 months later that she would arrive at her true destination Santorini.

Whilst in LA, Belinda studied acting and was quite content with the new direction in life she was taking. However there was STILL an inkling in her heart to travel to Santorini Greece. So she did. A 5 day holiday to the magical island turned into a 3 year adventure for Belinda and here is where she will share her stories, advice, knowledge and free spirited ways of being for those who want to discover a local’s perspective on the island.

We also encourage guest writers to share their own written pieces, pictures or videos about their experience to be featured in Santorini Girl of the month. 

Our hope is that readers get value out of Santorini Girl, whether that be reading a post, feeling inspired from a picture or laughing at a video where Belinda interviews a donkey. Either way – we hope you smile.


Santorini Girl


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